Pioneer World School is a collaborative global community of learners empowered with skills, values, and attitudes, to be the architects of their own future and also active contributors to their communities.


To build a progressive learning ecosystem where parents, educators, and learners are partners in creating new pathways to learning drawn from international best practices in education fostering confident, compassionate, ethical and happy individuals who are pioneers in actively designing their future and contributing to an ever-changing world.


To create a culture of mutual respect, developing meaningful relationships in a global community rooted in values of inclusiveness, diversity, collaboration and pursuit of excellence that is social, emotional and academic.

  • An inclusive community of human and cultural diversity that promotes a sense of belonging
  • Learning that fosters creativity and promotes the pursuit of excellence both collaboratively and individually to reach their highest potential
  • A school culture that values partnerships in learning and encourages its members to contribute to a wider community
  • To appoint and develop educators of the highest caliber
  • A celebration of an international culture, empowering learners to develop a global mindset and an understanding deeply embedded within the rich Indian context.