Ms.Rosella Martinez

Early Years Program Coordinator

Ms.Rosella is a Honduran citizen and has worked as an English teacher to Chinese students. Before joining Pioneer, she had 8+ years of experience in Higher Education (Biology University Professor) and Elementary (Homeroom Grades 6 & 7). With a Masters in Psychology in Education, her experience and academic prowess are enough to drive students to thrive and increase their academic achievements.

She strives to educate children in a way that they are provided with an excellent framework for their future success, and her actions speak of integrity and high caliber.

Ms. Emma Hernandez

Higher Grade English Teacher

Emma has a long experience of over 16 years of teaching as an elementary teacher. She currently teaches English for the 4th and the 8th grades. Her other responsibilities include mentoring other members of the English department and is also in charge of the monthly newsletter. She is passionate about teaching and traveling.

Mr. Christophe

French Teacher

Jean Christophe is the French language expert at Pioneer World School. He makes it his passion to share his linguistic knowledge and cultural heritage to budding young learners because he strongly believes education is a driving force in the overall development of an individual.

Ms. Farheen

Toddler & Mother Toddler Programme Teacher

She has nearly 6 and a half years of experience of teaching toddlers. She is passionate about being with toddlers and takes great interest in listening to their concerns and is also a persuasive speaker. She has counseled many parents on effective and simple child raising methods and also on keeping practical and realistic expectations from kids. She is quick-witted, can think on her toes and can easily adapt to different situations in the classroom.

She loves playing a huge part in the first experience of toddlers away from their family and home. She is radiant and exuberant, full of life, something which resonates with toddlers and she cites this as the reason for always willing to work with them.