A space designed specially for students

At Pioneer World School, we look at education differently. Instead of traditional classroom setups, we have designed our new campus optimally to ensure that every space not only fosters learning among students, but unleashes their creativity. In fact, our classrooms will be called studios as they will be collaborative, flexible and conducive to a free exchange of ideas.

Effective from the academic year 2018-2019, Pioneer World School will start operating in a lush green, 21 acre campus, that is meticulously designed to create an environment buzzing with excitement, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Our campus redesign is being helmed by Fielding-Nair International (FNI), an international award winning architectural firm that has redefined educational institutions around the world with their innovative and futuristic vision. Their team of academic consultants is also integral to our efforts of building a project-based world class curriculum.

Our campus will have learning studios that foster not just active learning but also fun, interaction, and growth. The environment will encourage our students to work in groups, problem solve, be critical thinkers and independent learners who are ready to take on the world.