Ms. Ruchi Rawat

A mix of knowledge, administration and relationship building skills, Ruchi Rawat, is the perfect amalgam of everything that an educator should be.

With a BA Honours, MA and MPhil in Mathematics, Ruchi Rawat is the Math Pandit of Pioneer World School. Her analytical capabilities, problem-solving skills and patience come in handy for seamless planning and execution. 

The motivation streak in her pushes children the extra mile to be the best version of themselves. Her artistic inclination is a true blessing at the time of cultural activities at the school.

Ms. Nivedita Mukherjee

Honorary member of the School Advisory Board  

With a career spanning more than 10 years, starting with science and technology reporting, publishing and teaching after securing degrees in biochemistry and communication, Nivedita Mukherjee has been a quintessential educator and communicator. She is committed towards understanding the needs of children and also towards evolving pedagogical practices that encourage and support the holistic growth of every child while at the same time building their depth of knowledge.

Her focus area lies in creating a sustainable framework for teachers and subject matter experts that evolve with the continuous need to evolve and adjust with a student. Being a fourth generation educator in her family, she endeavours to support the leadership teams of educational institutions in planning and implementing strategic initiatives to move the organisation towards excellence.

Ms. Sonal Chawda

Mrs. Sonal Chawda has more than 21 years of experience in the field of education in India as well as abroad. She has worked across pre-primary schools in the US, UK and in India in both teaching and leadership capacities. She has set up multiple preschool and daycare centers like Klay Preschool and Daycare, WeCare, Explorika ,Neev etc.

Being an Early Childhood Educator, her expertise lies in setting up preschool environments which have a holistic approach, that are based on exponential learning, are conducive to children’s needs, promote critical thinking and that help children inculcate problem solving and social skills. She has trained more than 400 teachers on Early childhood Education practices which equips them with international practices like circle time, creative classroom, addressing differentiated learning in the classroom etc.

She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from Santa Cruz University of California, USA and B.A. & B. Ed. degrees in Education Management from MS University India. She is the founder of the website “” which provides preschool resources and lesson plans on Early Years Program.