The author who taught us the way of life: Roald Dahl

It’s September 13th. One of the greatest authors of children’s books, Roald Dahl, would have been 101 years old today! More than a century later, his books are still relevant, mainly because each of them carries in it a number of lessons for kids and adults alike. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest life lessons that Roald Dahl gave us through his magical books: Lesson 1: If you are unique, embrace it. It is magical! Most of

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Internet safety: Being aware of the unknown

Technology is racing ahead and we are all advancing. Sadly, crime is up to speed. From stranger danger to online crime, we are surrounded by risks and kids are the most vulnerable to them. As much as we’d like to protect them from all the harm in the world, it is more difficult now than ever because of the impact the Internet has on our lives. Internet is essential in various aspects today and that includes studies. Therefore, it is

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Academic pressure: Time to draw the line?

Very few things give more joy than watching our children succeed at school. It is blissful to know that we are proud parents of the child who scored straight A grades in his final exams. These little moments of pleasure drive us into setting insane standards for our kids and hoping they achieve them no matter what. Is academic pressure worth it? Let’s find out. The real reason why we pressure our kids Is it just that we want our

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5 ways to reduce distraction and cultivate mindfulness in kids

Concentration is a skill that can only be acquired through continuous practice. Concentration leads a child to a state of mindfulness wherein a kid does not get distracted by meaningless activities and thoughts and is always in the present moment instead of aimlessly wandering everywhere. (Want to check out some fun ways to increase mindfulness? Yoga and meditation help kids focus on the present moment The International Schools in Jubilee Hills Hyderabad understand the importance of mindfulness and the fact

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7 mind games you must introduce your child to

Mental exercises which are used to improve the functioning of the mind and personality of an individual are termed as mind games. Research has established that mind games contribute significantly towards the development of your child’s brain. These games function by boosting the activity of the brain and can be real learning tools for your kids. Here are 7 mind games which will help to develop the verbal and motor skills of your child: 1. Solve riddles: Riddles increase the

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Summer’s here, is your child ready?

It’s summer again and schools are going to remain closed for a couple of months. It’s time for children to take a nice long break from the rigours of classes and exhausting tests. It’s finally time to unwind and prepare for a brand new term. We are sure your kids are already brimming with excitement. So are we! Why are we excited? Well, we took quite a bit of time to compile a list of fun and constructive activities that

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