The Green and Clean Way of Life

The decline of our ecological conditions is an issue of common knowledge.
Like their elders, it is for us to teach our next generation how one small act of theirs can cause a ripple of change in the prevalent conditions. Though it varies with the age, there are a lot of aspects of the problem that can be brought to a child’s attention, be it global warming, increasing plastic waste endangering the aquatic life, depleting natural resources due to overutilization, or the simple fundamental of reduce-reuse-recycle (Captain Planet, anyone?).
We are enlisting a few ways in which the practice of sustainable living can be taught to our younger ones.

Conservation Of Resources

Home is the perfect place to imbibe the importance of natural resources. Once made aware of the rapid depletion, children should be encouraged to switch off electrical appliances, such as fans and lights when not in use, not leave the water running, or making it a point to have zero food wastage.

Cultivating Interest

Get the kid interested in the garden or potted plants that you have at home, and let them get their hands dirty learning a bit about horticulture. Make them appreciate the ambient green cover. Also, ascertain to explore a bit of the local vegetation and wildlife when on vacation to a new place.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Younger ones have a tendency of throwing almost anything, anywhere. Inculcate a habit of cleanliness, and not littering in public. Furthermore, exhibiting a distinction in various kinds of waste could be used to foster the basics of recyclable and biodegradable waste.

Discourage The Use Of Plastic

While at the moment, it is practically not possible to have a complete plastic-free living, there are many everyday items in a child’s life that can be easily replaced with non-plastic alternatives: water bottles, lunch boxes, cutlery, carry bags and stationary.

Best Out Of Waste

A fun activity that engages kids could be recycling waste materials into items of utility and/or crafts. It discourages single-use while aiding in the encouragement of a child’s creative and innovative streak.

Stop Pollution In A Small Way

Sensitize them to the various forms of pollution, and how they can do their bit to stop it. Elemental reforms like discouraging the use of firecrackers or walking and cycling instead of using a vehicle for small distances could go a long way, along with leading by example.

These are highly impressionable minds that we are addressing. It is what they see and observe that they tend to imitate.
Hence, the ultimate responsibility falls on us to be conscious of our actions, lest they pick up on and fall onto the path that led to the present deterioration of the ecosystem.

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