Movies Your Munchkin Should Watch Today!

What is the one form of entertainment that has virtually zero haters? Movies! True, the genre preference varies from individual to individual, but they have a hold over us like no other.
We have witnessed some brilliant story-telling over the years, some of which have the capacity to alter your course of thought-process or inform you about a perspective that you knew nothing of.
Visual aids make for a much better learning experience and coupled with a good narrative, they could be just the right kind of entertainment that your kid needs. Furthermore, they are a great source of picking up language traits that reading may not be able to impart.
In no particular order, here goes a list of recommended titles.

Freedom Writers

This widely acclaimed movie follows the life of a Caucasian teacher in a Californian local school, whose students are in constant crosshairs of the racial wars of the neighborhood, how she gains their trust and ultimately motivates them to be the writers of their own destiny.
It is even more relevant in today’s time, as it is imperative to teach the kids about tolerance and empathy.

Taare Zameen Par

The one to sweep all the awards that year, TZP is a story that celebrates the uniqueness of every child. The protagonist is a small kid who is unable to conform to the conventional educational standards and is treated as an underachiever until his art teacher sees through him.
The movie could help instill the belief that each kid is special in their individualistic way, and that the societal norms need not define their worth.

To sir, with love

Based on the autobiography of E.R. Braithwaite, this old classic chronicles a teacher’s battle with social prejudices to gain the respect of his uncouth students. It talks of hardships of those on the receiving end of racism, and the relationship between a teacher and his adolescent pupils. The book also makes for a good read.

Before the Flood

When we speak of educating through motion pictures, a mention of documentaries is inevitable. Before The Flood gives us the ground reality and the extent to which climate change has spread. Video footages, collaged from across the globe, provoke you to get up and take a step towards saving the remnant of the planet.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

Real-life stories make for the best cinematic experiences! And this holds true for The Pursuit of Happyness as well. In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to give up too easily.
This moving tale is a father’s quest to provide for his son, and asks you to believe in yourself and persevere, without giving in.

Life of Pi

This movie is gripping and a visual treat, in all senses. An Indian-origin man narrates his account of how, as a boy, he survived his terrible journey to Canada and withstood shipwreck, followed by days of being stranded on a lifeboat with a tiger.
As a fantasy film, it broadens the child’s imagination and teaches you to stick it out against adversities with belief and courage.

I am Kalam

An account of an underprivileged child in rural Rajasthan, and his desire to learn, I am Kalam is a movie that teaches the kids the value of education, without being preachy at any point.
It also brings to light the fact that there are others who yearn and strive for the things we take for granted.


The younger ones are sure to enjoy this animated sci-fi movie. Set in a not-so-unimaginable future, where humans have abandoned earth and moved to a space station, it follows the journey of an emotional robot that is now the only one left on the terra. It brings forth prevalent topics such as capitalism, relationships, environment and passive living.
We do advise parents to exercise discretion for some of the above. Got any suggestions? Reminded of a movie that you would like your children to watch and learn from? Let your favorites be known in the comments below.

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