Monsoon is usually every child’s favorite season. It seems beautiful, fascinating, fresh, and fun. Getting drenched and playing in the rain, making paper boats and jumping in puddles, as a kid, we all liked them. But, we know now that monsoon is as dangerous as it causes infections in kids, especially viral fever. The moisture and dampness aid the growth of germs.  
Here are few do’s and don’ts for your kid this monsoon.

Carry a water bottle

Kids have ample energy, and their activities might drain out their energy before they even realize it. They need more water to avoid dehydration. Thus, it’s best to make them carry a water bottle wherever they go.

Eat home-cooked food

The food business is booming these days, which makes it harder to control cravings. It is essential to be mindful of where you eat food from. Stay away from road-side food, as there’s a high probability that the water they use for cooking might be contaminated. If you can’t avoid eating out, stick to freshly-cooked food. 

Keep your feet safe

Wearing converse or open shoes may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Leptospirosis is a real threat in monsoon as it spreads through contact with water, food, and soil contaminated with animal urine. It’s a higher risk if children have open wounds on their legs.  Hence, try wearing covered shoes like rain boots; they will keep your feet safe.

Apply Mosquito Repellent

Make sure your kids apply mosquito repellent creams before they go out to play. You can use creams, ointments and wrist bands, as in monsoon stagnant water is a breeding paradise for mosquitoes and insects. Remember to make kids apply mosquito repellents and carry it while traveling.

Wear fresh dry clothes

Ensure that everyone wears dry and fresh clothes and carry a couple of dry clothes to change into if you’re going for an outing. Damp hair and clothes in this cold weather can do more damage than you can imagine.  

Keep the house dry

Look out for damp spots around the house and areas which end to flood. All damp places are a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean the surfaces of furniture and floors with antibacterial soaps and make sure there is no collected water in lidless containers and washrooms 

Wash hands and avoid long nails.  

Everyone is vulnerable to viruses during the rainy season, and we use our hands for almost every task. Hence, it is essential to keep your hands and nails clean as dirt gets accumulated in the nails. Make sure your kids wash their hands every time they come home after playing and before and after food. 

Eat food that boosts immunity

Foods like dried fruits, nuts, curd, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and eggs, strawberries improve immunity. Fruits and vegetables with vitamin C and B12 also aid in the same. Incorporate these food items in your meals and diet. 

Be sure to include these few changes in your and your kids’ lifestyle to stay healthy and enjoy the monsoon while it’s still here!

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