How Mobile Phones Dampen Your Kids’ Creativity

Remember when your family used to call you back home in the evening while you were busy playing outside, with no idea of how much time had passed? Nostalgic, isn’t it? We had so much to do even without modern toys and technology. We made things out of nothing. But in this modern era, kids today get everything ready-made.
They just have to whine a little about what they want, and voila, they get it!
With the rapid growth of technology in our daily lives, the thin line between real life and virtual life is blurring every day. It’s impossible for us to try to keep kids away from phones. It may seem like a good idea to give your kid a cell phone at first, but in the long run, it will do more damage than you can imagine.
A study on mobile phone radiation noted that children are more prone to get affected by radiation than adults. The average electromagnetic radiation of cell phone deposition is two times higher in the children’s’ brains and ten times higher in the bone marrow of the skull, compared with that of adults. Apart from this, the radiation also affects your child’s overall health.
Smartphones do help us be more productive and get tasks done easily. They are also a massive distraction and hinder our creativity. Our brains are continuously engaged. Can you think of the last time when you just daydreamed while staring at a wall? Smartphones have made us too lazy to ponder on concepts by giving us easy access to the easiest questions. They change the task of relaxing in boredom into a reaction rather than an exercise.
Nowadays we spend every second of our time checking social media applications and playing games mindlessly. There’s a huge risk of smartphone addiction especially in children, which creates an imbalance in brain activity. As a result, lateral thinking is decreased and life skills are impaired gradually.
Researches have shown that boredom and creativity are related. Our brain requires a little boredom to be creative and some spare time to develop creative ideas. Some of the most innovative ideas arise when our brain is not occupied. It is your minds’ natural way of dealing with an upsetting situation and entertaining itself.
Discuss and decide on a curfew. Usage of cellphones decreases sleep quality and discourages them from sleeping on time. Lack of sleep has a lot of side effects; there are behavioral and attitudinal problems; change in brain chemistry; decrease in memory and cognitive flexibility. This leads to a decline in creativity as well as our brains need rest and dreams to function properly.
It might be too late to stop your kids from using phones, however, you can keep the following points in mind to save their creative spark.

  • Keep the phone away when not in use.
  • Refrain from phone usage while doing a task/ homework.
  • Decide on a deadline and turn off the wireless router at night.
  • Use print outs instead of reading from phone/laptop screens.
  • Encourage them to use headphones or turn on the speaker while talking on calls.
  • Don’t let small kids use the phone or speak on the phone for long hours, monitor their usage.
  • Turn off the phone’s Wi-Fi when they are not using phones actively.

Go on, implement a few of the above points and see creative magic take place in your child’s mind.

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