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Over the past 2 decades, there emerged a new concept of educating children during summer vacations and outside school hours. Such a concept broke away from traditional classroom based learning, involved group tasks and hands-on learning and provided for an environment that was free from distraction, facilitated deeper learning and overall helped children thrive.
The concept came to be known as summer camps and it has brought about massive changes in children’s education. It helped children develop a voice of their own and to be able to pursue their interests.
It brought about a revolution: children who attended such camps were more confident, understood friendly competition, were more risk taking, more willing to go out of their comfort zone and more welcoming to challenges.
Pioneer World School was built on similar philosophies. We believed that children must have a practical approach to education, be able to express their opinions freely and have an ideal learning environment.
To extend such an educational philosophy to the summer season, we became a venue partner for Leo & Mike, a learning and education company offering educational programs and summer camps in an effort to educate students about the latest advances in technology in fun and interactive ways.
Leo & Mike offers several summer and weekend programs where children are taught subjects like filmmaking, 3D printing, robotics, programming and several others where they gain an exposure in the practical applications of science and also get a hands-on experience.
Leo & Mike follows a learning approach that gives them an exposure towards experiential and project-based learning and design thinking.
Experiential learning involves children learning by doing things and to think and reflect upon what they have done and their experience doing the same. In the process, not only do they build and create but also come up with innovative ideas, modify existing ideas and also apply the same ideas.
Project based learning involves children working in teams and is interdisciplinary in the fact that it calls for children to apply their knowledge which covers a wide variety of subjects and skills and it also involves building and designing solutions for real life problems and situations.
Children from the ages 5-8 undergo courses where they learn the anatomy of the human body, practical applications of mechanics and electronics, space science and soft skills like communication and empathy.
The children from ages 9-14 undergo programs like short film making, advanced practical applications in mechanics and electronics and also Robotics and Digital Game Making with SCRATCH programming.
Here is the timetable for upcoming camps

Time Period Ages 5-8 Ages 9-14
29th April-3rd May Makers Junior Robotics(with SCRATCH programming)
6th May-10th May Space Superheroes Makers Senior
13th-17th May Mind Masters Digital Game Making
20th-24th May Makers Junior Robotics(with SCRATCH programming)
27th-31st May The incredible human body Short film making

With the presence of companies like Leo & Mike, we can be certain that the children of today will have a bright future where they will constantly be on their toes, learning new things and being abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

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