Safety tips for your child during Holi

Holi is a joyous festival of colors and celebration and we all have fond memories of playing with colours, getting drenched, spraying pitchkaris, eating special treats, meeting friends and family, exchanging sweets and so much more.
As with any occassion of revelry, there is a chance that minor accidents or mishaps may occur, especially where kids are involved. Here are some precautions you are advised to take for a happy, care-free Holi.

Use safe colours

The use of synthetic colours like gulaal can be dangerous, for they contain many harmful chemicals like lead, mercury and aluminium bromide. The presence of such chemicals can cause irritation, skin diseases and eye infections which can severely damage a child’s health.
It is thus advised to use organic and natural colours like those made from henna, mint, sandalwood, neem leaves, hibiscus flowers, turmeric, rose petals etc. Such colours are light on the skin and easy to wash off. In this way, you are not only using safer colors but also celebrating in an eco-friendly manner.

Take care of the mouth and eyes:

  • If colours enter your child’s eyes, make sure that they do not rub their eyes, as that will only aggravate the situation. Instead, rinse it out with water.
  • If your child is experiencing pain, if the eye has turned red or if there is a change in the vision, it is advised to visit the doctor.
  • Try to ensure that colours do not enter the child’s mouth, which may lead to an upset stomach or a throat infection.

Wear the right clothes

Get your kids to wear full sleeved shirts/t-shirts and trousers or pants, as this minimizes the amount of colour that will get in contact with the skin. The use of sunglasses will also protect the eyes. Wear comfortable fabrics like cotton and avoid things like polyester or silk, which will only cause irritation to the skin on contact.

Apply oil on the skin

Applying coconut oil or mustard oil will create a layer between the skin and the colours, thus protecting the skin and also making it easier to wash off later.
Make sure you apply oil on the back of the ears, between fingertips and fingernails, toes and feet. Oil also helps moisturize the skin, which is essential during the long hours in the sun that your kids will spend celebrating.

Be prepared for emergencies

Keep a first-aid kit handy to tend to any small injuries that may occur, and have plenty of fresh and uncontaminated water with which you can wash and clean injuries.
Now that you have all the Holi safety tips outlined above, make sure you take the necessary precautions and have a colourful, wonderful and fun-filled Holi!

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