Are your children preparing for exams? Here are 7 ways they can cruise through!

It is that time of the year where children have to spend inordinate amounts of time with their books and preparing for exams.
Burying themselves in books, their brains into studying, making study schedules, revising  important topics are all quite overwhelming for any student undergoing final exam preparation.
At the same time, it is also important that children have a calm state of mind to help them wade through this troubled time. It can be tempting for children to spend time on their gadgets and computers when taking a break, but that can only do more harm than good.
Here are 7 ways for children to be able to get through exams hassle free and comfortably:

  • Meditate

One of the ways to beat stress would be to sit in silence and meditate. This can be done by closing the doors and windows of the room, then sitting with legs folded on a mat or a carpet on the floor and meditate with zero interruption for a period of about 20-30 minutes.
In this way, children would feel relaxed during the course of the exercise and at the end of it, they would feel confident, happy, refreshed and will have a greater ability to focus on their studies.

  • Breathe

Another thing that your child can do is practice breathing exercises. This can also be done privately in a room, by taking in a deep breath through one nostril, holding it for 5-10 seconds and releasing it through the other. Repeat the same for the next 15-20 minutes and remind yourself that everything will turn out to be just fine.
By the end of it, all feelings of anxiety, nervousness and stress will have disappeared.

  • A power nap

Sleep is crucial during the course of exam preparation and its negligence ca have bad consequences in a student’s performance in examinations. It is for the same reason that every student must take a power nap every now and then during the course of their preparation.
Taking a short nap of about 30 minutes after a lengthy study session has a far greater impact on the child’s studies than one can imagine.
Research has proven that after every short nap that  students take in between their studies, the grasping and understanding ability increases drastically and hence become more productive in the course of their preparation.

  • Spend time outdoors

Stepping out for a walk, for a jog, a visit to the park or a garden, playing a sport and any other kind of physical activity can help refresh the mind, alleviate stress and tension and can make the mind more active.
Staying inside the 4 walls of the house all day can make the child feel suffocated and can affect the ability of the child to focus.
It is thus suggested that children get a sense of fresh air and undergo physical activity every now and then during the course of their studies to help them concentrate.

  • Jest, laugh and have fun!

It is recommended that children spend time reading humorous books, or spend time with parents sharing and exchanging jokes, laugh and any other forms of humor. Humor is a great way to relieve tension and destress and immediately lightens the mood and atmosphere around you and makes you light hearted.
In this way, the child would feel calm and more optimistic, more light hearted and more prepared to take on exams.

  • Maintain a journal

Spending time writing down your thoughts or the events of the day, your next course of action, the things that you might not want to tell others, an event you witnessed or any other thing on a piece of paper can help you be more honest and help clear your mind of anything toxic, for anyone would be honest when jotting down feelings on paper.
This can help children lighten exam tension, can help them be in more tune with their thought process and help them make better decisions over their preparation.

  • Eat healthy food

It is imperative that children stay in the pink of health during exam preparation. It is thus recommended that children eat only healthy food, food full of nutrients and food that is prepared within the home.
Eating junk, fried or any other kind of unhygienic food can affect the children’s thinking and can induce negative thoughts in them which can adversely affect the child productivity during the time of examinations.
And the above seven are time tested ways for children to be able to breeze through the time of examinations. So why don’t you get your child to implement the same methods written above and let them see a change in their way they prepare for their exams.

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