9 Things Your Little One Can Teach You

Having children and raising them with care and love can be one of the best things that can happen in a parent’s life.  The laughs, joy, their first walk, their first words are some of the most cherished moments a parent can have. At the same time, these beautiful little beings can teach us a lot of life lessons that we may not even realize. Want to know what they are? Here you go.

Do what interests you

Children find the thing that they find the most interesting and pursue it till the end. Children have their own tasks and projects, and will not leave them until they accomplish their mission. Which teaches us one thing: if we pursue anything with interest and with a positive frame of mind, we are most certain to achieve our objective.
So lesson one from children: do something because you are interested in it, not just because you have to do it.

Be Honest In Every Step

You ask a child an opinion on something, and you will get an answer which will be nothing but direct and to the point. Ask them about the food they are eating, the juice they are drinking, or the music they hear; if they do not like it, they express it honestly.
So lesson two from children: To be honest, and be straightforward and truthful in everything you do.

Do not get bogged down by downfalls

When children fall down, they pick themselves up, dust themselves and go on with life. Also if something does not happen the way they want it to happen, not much time will pass until you see the radiant smile pass their lips. That’s because they are always on the lookout for something new, something interesting to keep themselves occupied, such that they forget what happened and pursue something new.
This teaches us to let go of the past, any downfalls that we may have undergone and to keep going on because there is so much to life other than to worry over some event.
So lesson three from children: bury the past and move on with life.

Go full throttle

Let’s say you take your children for a walk. While walking, your children happen to see that there is a child’s park with facilities. As soon as your children see the park, they start running full speed towards the destination. Do they wait for a sign, or the perfect moment to go towards the park? No.
In the same way, what we can learn from here is that there is no point waiting for the right time, the right opportunity or the right situation to do something, to start a new venture, or to pursue our goals. Otherwise, opportunities and time will have passed by and we’ll have become late.
So lesson four from children: not wait for anything, and go gung-ho in the pursuit of your goals.

Be Accepting Of Everyone

Children see a friend in every human being they come across. They do not have any prejudices and do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, societal class, income level etc. This teaches us not to form stereotypical views, to not keep preconceived notions about other people, accept everyone and that at the end of the day, we are all human.
So lesson five from children: accept everyone and have no preconceptions.

To be curious and a lifelong learner

A great man by the name William Arthur Ward once said “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”. And this could not be more true. Children have an innate curiosity to learn something new, to always ask questions as to why something happens in a particular way, why people do the thing that they do, why they behave in a particular way, why things are not done differently etc.
Everyday they want to learn something new, have a ruthless pursuit towards learning and inculcating something. This is sometimes evidenced by children feeling overjoyed at having completed a task or have learnt something.
What we can learn from them is to constantly learn something new, to keep asking questions, to keep learning and be more knowledgeable.
So lesson six from children: be curious, keep learning something new and be ruthless in getting to the end of something.

Be Fearless

Children fear nothing. Whether it is speaking out their mind, approaching and patting a dog etc. Although one can attribute that to recklessness, there is another perspective people fail to take notice of. It teaches us to not think so much and start taking action despite the dangers involved and that sometimes all you need to have to do something is raw courage and not fear anything.
So lesson seven from children: be fearless, and that our fears are mostly imaginary

Think differently

Kids always try to go off the beaten path and always like to try their own ways of doing something. They never hesitate to try something differently, have unusual and creative ideas and the solutions they come up with are often very cute and creative. This teaches us to always do something differently and that it is okay to bend rules as long as you get the desired output.
So lesson eight from children: always think outside the box and do not hesitate to try something differently.

To live in the moment

You will never see a kid worrying about tomorrow. Children are fully immersed in the present moment and aims to live life to the fullest. They think of what best can be made of a situation. This teaches us to stop fretting about the past, or worrying about the future and to live in the present, for the present is inevitable.
So lesson nine from children: live in the moment, for it is inevitable and beautiful.
And there we are, the 9 lessons that kids can teach us for us to have a better life. Go on and spend time with your children to become the best version of yourself!

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