6 reasons why a dog can be a child’s best friend

Did some of you have a dog while growing up? Well, if you did, you can say this without doubt that having a dog was the best thing in your adolescence. I suppose you might be reminiscing the time you had one: the moment it first stepped into your home, feeding it with food and water, taking it for a walk etc.
But, have you considered getting a dog for your little one? Dogs can be the best gift a child can ask for from a parent. Here are some reasons why you should get a dog for your child:

  • Teaches compassion

In the presence of pets in the house, parents and kids alike cuddle the pet and take care of it. This teaches the kid to be more compassionate towards other people and other animals in general, the kid becomes an animal lover, and learns how to treat everything with love at a young age.

  • Unconditional Love

As mentioned in the blog A Gift For Your Child This Christmas!, dogs are a child’s pal, companion and a best friend while growing up. A child can make many mistakes, but a dog can never be critical of a child and will love it unconditionally no matter what.
Children feeling sad and depressed can pour their problems over to a dog, and the dog will never judge it, come what may.

  • Makes the child feel safe

Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell and sound, and as such, when kids come to know about the same, they will be alert and have a sense of safety, for when something is amiss, they know the dog will alert them and will develop a feeling of trust with it.

  • More healthy

Various studies have proven that children who spend more time with dogs are healthier and were more immune to ailments.
Dogs are required to spend a great deal of time outdoors and so are children. In this way, they are more physically active and are exposed with various germs, bacteria and dirt which improve the immune system of the child at a young age. This makes them more resistant to allergies, respiratory diseases, infections, asthma etc and have less need of medical treatment.

  • Happiness

When a dog enters in the company of a child, the child has found a friend for life. Children with dogs tend to be much more happier, more positive in their demeanour and interactions with elders and peers alike, and their conversations with a dog makes them feel more confident while talking and improves their cognitive skills.
Again, as mentioned earlier, a dog is the best gift a child can ask for from his parent.

  • Teaches responsibility

When a child grows up with a dog, they participate in many activities concerning the dog, like taking the dog for a walk, giving the dog a bath, grooming the dog’s hair, playing games with the dog etc.
This creates a sense of responsibility at a young age, and over time, when the child grows older, they learn to be more responsible in their own day-to-day activities and tasks, thereby inculcating a crucial life skill.
Now, looking at the various benefits above, don’t you agree the dog in your childhood brought about the same changes in you? Get a dog right away to give the same wonderful experience you had as an adolescent to your child and see the changes.

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