A resolution for a better tomorrow

The year is close to an end, and a new one is about to begin. We are all right now reminiscing the achievements, struggles, lessons learnt, happy memories, tears, laughs and all the other things that we went through. Although it is not uncommon for us to make resolutions in the beginning of every year, do you ever wonder what kind of resolutions your children can make that will bring about a positive change in their lives? Here are a few resolutions that your child can make this year:

  • First Resolution: To examine actions

This year, help your children understand their actions, introspect, and to think twice before making any decision. Teach them to speak to themselves in front of the mirror and to motivate and empower themselves. Tell them to maintain a journal or a diary and note down the events of the day, so that they can later have a look to be able to differentiate about the times now and how they were before and draw better conclusions out of it. In this way, the realization will dawn early and they will learn to be more mature at a young age.

  • Second Resolution: To be optimistic

A resolution to not harbour any kind of negative thoughts in the mind and to always be more positive and optimistic in every action that your child performs can change their life. Ask your child to see the pros in every situation, to accept challenges as and when they come and see them as conquerable. Also, make them realize that any problem they face is temporary.

  • Third Resolution: Reduce using electronic gadgets

Get your kid to keep away from all electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, game consoles for it has been found that children using electronic gadgets are subject to delay in speech, attention deficits, problems in learning and grasping ability, anxiousness, sleep problems and depression. Instead, get them to be more down-to-earth and play outdoors, board games and read books for in this way they would learn great life skills, will be more social and interactive, more focused and have a cheerful disposition.

  • Fourth Resolution: Not be entitled

Help your kid to understand that they cannot expect peaches and plums to fall on their lap, that they cannot have the feeling of entitlement, and that they must fight and persevere to get what they want. Tell them to love the journey towards their goal, and to be vigilant in all aspects of their journey. Help them undergo situations challenging for their age, for they will learn to experience the satisfaction of having conquered it.

  • Fifth Resolution: Not fight

If you have a child that often gets into a tiff with their peers, get them to make a resolution to stop doing so. Tell them to drop the hammer and play, mingle and make friends with their peers instead of constantly getting into a fight. Help them to understand how precious their childhood is, and as a parent, help them live it to the fullest in order for them to be able to cherish later.

  • Sixth Resolution: Exercise caution

Tell your kid to exercise caution in different ways like wearing a helmet while cycling, to follow road rules and to think twice or take your permission before sharing information online or with any stranger. Make sure that your child stays safe at all costs, and help them realize the importance of safety and also keeping the above things in mind. Now that we have seen the different kinds of resolutions that children can make this coming year, why don’t you get your child to make them and see the impact it can have on your child’s life, for who knows, it could be the some of the best changes to be brought about in them.

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