Technology has literally changed every aspect of our society over the past decade, from the way we work to the way we socialize and everything in between. Technology has changed the way children play, interact and utilize their leisure time.
All thanks to the advanced technology that creates platforms, which literally has all the information kids need right at their fingertips!
Here are 3 ways how your children can benefit from technology.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

E-books have been in the spotlight since decades and has proven to show tremendous improvement in reading habits of children.
Children have proven to enjoy the variety of fonts they come across on screen than on the printed books. With children always on move and their likeability for gadgets, reading books online makes inculcating the habit of reading easier.
A child with access to an e-reader can be carrying hundreds of books in their hand thus, an easy and convenient option for parents especially when embarking on a long journey, and wanting their children to be relaxed and entertained.
There’s a great option for children whenever they encounter a word and aren’t sure of its meaning, they can just long press on the word, tap on the look-up and call up its definition.  
Reading is like feeding your brain, it’s the food that contains all the essential ingredients that are much needed for ones growth.

Life is short, play more!

Which kid doesn’t derive happiness from games? Especially if they are virtual!
E-games make a child more active and mentally alert. There are games which require the missions to be completed before the time runs out, and this helps children in becoming more attentive thereby, encouraging them to learn and instil time management skills.
Playing online games helps them to coordinate their minds with the actions of their hands, this improves their mental strength. Safety is also one main issue parents brood over, but that can be tackled by imposing some strict rules that are to be followed.
As a parent you have all the right to get worried about letting your child indulge in online gaming, but sometimes imposing too many limitations can do more harm than good.

Crafting creativity through virtual world

Kids love craft! That’s enough said. Crafting with children can be so much fun and very much entertaining. It often happens that, some crafts that seem quite confusing and tricky are easy for the little hands.
Children are born artists. Technology has granted enough access to the world of crafting. With the help of YouTube videos, Pinterest and online workshops on crafting, both children and adults turn into craftsmen.
It teaches children patience, exposure to various easy techniques & tricks which aids in broadening the horizons of their knowledge with respect to arts & crafts. New techniques they have learned can be seen in many of the things they make of their own accord. Encourage your child and craft memories with them.

There are many potential benefits of technology for children, especially during their learning years. The use of technology in moderation, coupled with activities can be very beneficial for a child’s development. Being exposed to technology, they will be able to develop good problem-solving and communication skills. Technology makes a child creative and allows him the freedom of expression!
At Pioneer, we mix a tinge of technology in our curriculum with subjects like Robotics.

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