80’s Games That You Should Reintroduce To Your Kids

Remember the days the clock ticked four and you ran out to get your hands dirty with your pals. Those outdoor games, team spirit, fun times and beautiful sunshine is now replaced with smartphones, tablets and play stations.
Reverse time and introduce your tiny tot to your golden childhood. Wondering how to do it? We have an answer for it. Turn into your little one’s playmate and introduce them to the golden days and golden games of your childhood.
Here are five childhood games that you should reintroduce to your children to take them down your memory lane.


Whatever the gender, whatever the age, hopscotch is the game that is a hit among all kinds of kids.
Playing Hopscotch is a breeze as it only requires a piece of chalk, a pebble and a gang of friends. Draw the traditional pattern on the floor, flip the pebble and jump away. It not only is a lot of fun but also serves a perfect cardio.

Skip Rope

Jump front, jump back, jump alone or in a pair. However you skip on a rope, it is truckloads of fun. Remember those skip rope tournaments you had with your neighbour kids?  Those do or die situations, in which you kept jumping to win?
Introduce skip rope to your kids to teach them true sportsman spirit.

Hide & Seek

Classics, they never go out of style, do they? One such classic is a game called Hide & Seek. That game that truly unleashed the detective in you. The game that made you an explorer and the game that literally taught you how to get your hands dirty.
Go ahead, gather the kids and start hiding, because the seeker is coming!

Seven Stones

Teamwork, staying alert and aiming right. Those are the three crucial elements that seven stones taught you. Don’t you agree?
Pass it on to your kids today. All it takes it a gang of kids, seven stones, a ball, and a playground.

Musical Chairs

Remember that game without which no party was complete? Yes, you are right! We are talking about musical chairs. The game that made you enjoy music kept you on your feet, taught you how to be quick and gave you an adrenaline rush.
Introduce your gen-next to this musical game and they will be grateful to you forever. Go on and turn on the music.

Kho Kho

The running in curves, the teamwork, the tags, and the speed. Rings a bell? Yes, we are talking about Kho Kho, the game that gained popularity in the 80’s! It’s not just a game that you play with the next-door neighbour, but a game that graduated to national and international gaming tournaments.
Introduce this masterpiece to your child today.
Too much nostalgia? Go on a try an 80’s game with your munchkin today.

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