Back to school – How to prepare your child

After a long spell of holidays, it can be difficult for children to acclimatize to the school routine again. A sudden change in the morning routine can cause quite a few problems but we can avoid them with ease if we prepare our kids a few days before school starts.In this article, let’s discuss a few ways in which we can do that:

Talk to him about school

A few days before school starts, ask your child how he feels about going back to school. Is he excited? Is he nervous? Is he worried? Kids may have concerns that they do not share unless they are asked. You can help him prepare for school when you learn if something is bothering him or something is making him want to stay back home.
If it is only nerves, remind your child how much fun it is to go to school. Talk about the positive aspects such as making new friends, meeting his teachers, learning new things, and engaging in more activities. Also, let him know that you will always be there for him to help him tackle problems at school.
All kids get nervous before school starts. Let your little one know that it is completely normal to feel like that.

Put him on the school routine at least a week in advance

During holidays kids get used to lazy mornings and waking up on their own time. This disturbs their eating habits, sleeping habits, and more. They are also used to barely opening their books and spending time studying. This routine cannot be shifted suddenly because it makes kids uncomfortable.

Waking your child up early and putting him back on school schedule a week in advance can really help him when school actually starts. He won’t feel lethargic or cranky through the day.

Take him shopping for school supplies

One of the most fun activities in summer is buying school supplies for the new academic year. This, in its own fun way, prepares kids for school. Thus, we advise you to make him a part of the shopping experience.

Arrange for a meeting with his current school friends

Meeting friends is the easiest way to get excited about school again. Talk to your kid’s friends’ parents and set up a meeting at the park.

Once your child spends quality time with his friends, he will be more than happy to go back to school and see them every day.

Go through all the information the school sends

Important dates, transportation, and emergency forms are a few of the materials you may want to go through before school starts so that you and your child, both are prepared for school.
If your child is extremely nervous even after the preparation, we recommend that you go to school with him on the first day and help him settle in his new class. Talk to his educators as well so that they know your concerns. Reassure your child that you will be there if something does not go well. After all, kids just need to know that they are safe and protected at all times. J

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