Life lessons from The Boy Who Lived and changed our childhood – Harry Potter

The years 1997 to 2007 were magical years for book lovers. Those of us who grew up reading the Harry Potter books will agree.
11 years later, the books still have their charm and are being passed on to younger generations. Does your child have the set? If the answer is no, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should buy them right now.

Reason 1: It teaches about friendship

Through all the books we see friendship play a pivotal role. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the best of friends and stick together through thick and thin. In fact, Harry wouldn’t have been able to achieve half the things he achieved without their support. The same holds true for Draco Malfoy and his buddies Crabbe and Goyle.
Life lessons from The Boy Who Lived and changed our childhood – Harry Potter
Real life is no different. Friendship is crucial during every phase of life; even more so through school. Harry Potter teaches us that we must always treasure our friends.

Reason 2: It teaches us that every child is different and deserves all the love in the world

Remember Neville Longbottom, Rubeus Hagrid, and Luna Lovegood? They were all ridiculed at different times for being different. However, they shone as true of the most important characters of the series! Not to forget Severus Snape, who was the unsung hero until the very last moment.
People must never be judged by the way they look, where they come from, how they talk, and so on. Everyone walks through life with a burden and an aspiration to be understood. This is a fundamental lesson that we must teach all our kids.

Reason 3: If you need help, do not shy away from asking

Most children are like Harry himself – they refuse to ask for help even when they need it. Encourage your child to always be open and ask for assistance if he is stuck. This will help him open up in class and clear his doubts without hesitation.
Also, have him read Harry Potter and see for himself that it is okay and even welcome to seek help from his family, teachers, and friends.

Reason 4: The only way to overcome fear is to face it

Whether it was Ron and his fear of spiders or Harry and his fear of dementors, they faced their fears and managed to come out unscathed. Ron, even though he still disliked spiders, managed to tolerate them without freaking out and Harry was totally able to fend off dementors.
The Prisoner of Azkaban
The third Harry Potter (Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban) book in particular, taught us a lot about facing our fears. All our kids would also learn a lot!

Reason 5: Happiness and love trump money and all materialistic pleasures

Money is extremely enticing even at a young age because it buys us things we love but Harry Potter always taught us that happiness and love give meaning to life.
Harry Potter had wealth but he was still always jealous of Ron for having a family that loved him so very much. The books can really help our kids find perspective and prioritize things that are really important.
J. K. Rowling not only opened up a world of fantasy for everyone, she taught critical life lessons through her characters that are sure to help our kids grow up into better individuals.

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