The weather’s changing. . and we need to stay protected

We experience various seasons in our country: rainy, summer, and winter. However, sometimes, the demarcation is not really clear. It may rain in April and it may suddenly feel hot in December.
Weather changes like these happen for various different reasons and they can all take a toll on all of us, especially our kids. December is around the time when they have exams as well and the pressure makes it worse.
Thankfully, there are ways to protect ourselves and our kids:

1. Ensure hydration

We may not feel less thirsty when it the weather is cool but we must always remember to drink a lot of water. It is totally possible to be dehydrated during winters too. Moreover, water helps us stay fit by cleaning out all toxins.

2. Layers, layers!

It is always advisable to dress your little one in layers during this season. If the weather gets hot, he can always remove his coat or sweater. The important thing here is that he stays protected from all weather conditions even when he is not at home.

3. Make a potion of ginger and honey

Cold, fever, and cough are common during this weather and ginger + honey is the best combo that you could give your child. It is sweet and kids love it, which means you don’t have to worry about coaxing them every day to take it.

4. Include superfoods in your child’s diet

Bananas, citrus fruits, turmeric in milk, berries, and green leafy vegetables are highly recommended. They help boost immunity and keep us protected from common diseases.

5. Ensure a lot of rest

Kids (and you) need to rest and get enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep and stress can reduce your immunity, making you vulnerable to diseases.

6. Bathing: Twice a day!

Bathing once in the morning, and once after your child comes back home from school is highly recommended. Also, ensure that your child’s hair is completely dry (if you are washing it) before she steps out.
exercise during whether changes

7. Encourage a lot of exercise

Regardless of the weather, we should all stay active and exercise.

8. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Sunburns are a possibility in winters as well. Thus, the use of sunscreen should never depend on the weather.
Are there any home remedies or precautions that you take to protect your kid from weather changes? We’d love to add to our list!

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