9 YouTubers who make learning fun!

Children are just like adults in that they love interactive sessions. YouTube is probably the most fun and interactive of them all since it is home to every video you could dream of.
Internet is a part and parcel of all our lives today and there’s really no point trying to hide it from our kids. It has known to help kids with learning tremendously, provided it is used right. YouTube is no different. We suggest that you follow YouTubers who make learning fun so that your kids use the Internet just to pass time but also to learn.

Mother Goose Club

This is an amazing channel to keep preschoolers engaged. It introduces tiny tots to rhymes and other lessons through songs, skits, and movements. The channel has short videos as well as long videos to keep your kid thoroughly entertained.

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

With over 12 million followers on YouTube, ChuChu TV has managed to make its way into every household through song and color. It is extremely famous and loved by toddlers because of the way it brings learning to life.
Children using youtube

Muppets Studio

We all love Muppets, don’t we? They duo seemingly will never get old! While they may not be very educational, they are sure a lot of fun and can keep kids engaged for a long time.

Karaoke Rhymes

Sing with your kids and make learning rhymes more fun than ever before through this lovely karaoke channel.

Simple Kids Crafts

Tickle your child’s creative side through this excellent YouTube channel. It has more than 700 how-to videos that revolve around eco-friendly activities. These activities require only a few easy to use materials, take less time, and are super fun.

Superwoman– Lily Singh

She is a great YouTuber to follow for tweens and teens. She talks about daily problems such as school trouble, friendship issues, and more, adding a bit of humor to make it interesting. Her humor is clean and easily understandable too. She is known to relate to older kids and has a knack of keeping them hooked to her channel.
Learning concepts from youtube

Good Mythical Morning

This channel stars Rhett and Link, who are childhood buddies. They provide challenges and keep kids entertained with their humor and games. These challenges are only suitable for kids 12 and above. The channel is very child-friendly and you can watch the shows along with your kids, making every session a mother-daughter or mother-son bonding moment.

Soul Pancake

This is an amazing channel with a very positive vibe. It has numerous shows such as The Science of Happiness and Metaphysical Milkshake that are sure to keep your tweens and teens hooked.

Minute Physics

Whether your child loves science or is struggling with a few concepts, Minute Physics is a great channel. It teaches science topics through illustrations and voice-overs. Many teens love how complex ideas are also broken down into simpler concepts in the shows.
Are there any other YouTubers your kids love? Please tell us who they are!

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