7 Reasons Why STEAM Learning is the Best for Your Child’s Growth

Even in the 21st century, education systems are still adhering to the conventional norms. The highlights of such an approach include regimented classrooms, teacher-centric knowledge, and stress on examination and result as against comprehension of concepts, absence of collaborative study, and teachers in the role of data dispensers rather than being true facilitators.
The rapid evolution in Science and Technology continues to gather pace by the minute. What tomorrow ushers in is unimaginable. It’s time we nurture skills and learning abilities in our children that render them the potential to stand at par with the progression of the century.
The solution comes in the guise of STEAM learning. STEAM is an innovative approach to learning. It utilizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as pivotal points for inculcating inquiry and critical thinking in students.


STEAM basically represents STEM + Arts. It is believed that the transformation of STEM to STEAM has broadened participation in the programme and improvised the learning outcomes.
Science and technology served as the pivotal facets of progress in the last century. Art and Design are rated potent tools to transform world economy in the 21st century.
The current century’s demand of innovation cannot be quenched with the STEM subjects. Therefore, convergent and divergent thinkers need to work in unison to bring in breathtaking innovation.

Advantages of STEAM Learning

STEAM learning reflects a paradigm shift from the conventional philosophy focusing on scores alone to a contemporary system valuing learning as a process. Here are 7 benefits of STEAM learning.

1. Helps Students Stay Current

In a society driven with technology, it is vital to be in step with the changing times. Technology comes into action at every realm of life.
Workplaces thrive on updated software and complicated equipment. Thus, keeping abreast with technology is mandatory for the students of today.

2. Allows Innovation

STEAM learning facilitates transformation of ideas to reality. It promotes inventions in all domains of life- discovering the best modes of communication, finding novel ways to overcome financial challenges, or building a shelter for people.
STEAM education can make all of this happen!

3. Emphasizes on Art

Art can serve as an integral element to teach the STEM subjects. Art is an important part of our community. We cannot put it aside.
Moreover, it gives a fun angle to learning and makes education seem more approachable to budding learners. Subjects like computer science could intimidate some students. But incorporating an art component could make it interesting.

4. Promotes Creativity

The gift of creativity has to be introduced and cultivated in tomorrow’s generation. Creativity allows minds to explore learning with a more open-ended approach. It connects learning to everyday real life.
STEAM inculcates creativity in children, helps them take another step towards innovation and lays ground for a career of their choice.

5. Endorses Risk Taking

STEAM promotes critical thinking and problem solving ability. Such type educational approach rears students who are willing to take thoughtful risks and engage in experiential learning.

6. Offers Wider Career Scope

STEAM related jobs are extremely high in demand. Research highlights a growth of 14 percent in STEAM jobs in the United States from 2010 to 2020.
STEAM education aims at creating a stronger and relatively more potent workforce.

7. Nurtures Functional Learning

Nurtures Functional Learning
While the conventional system of education focuses on scores, STEAM canvasses the significance of the journey as well as the result.
It helps create a knowledge base that is truly applicable in real life situations as against just an examination.


STEAM learning is the need of the hour. It emphasizes on technology driven and inquiry based learning. Its primary learning components include collaborative, differential and interdisciplinary learning.
It aims to change the very essence of the word ‘school’. The chief objective is to convert school from a place to a frame of mind that uses tools to usher explosive growth, social-emotional connections and lay down the basic foundation for compatibility with an innovative tomorrow.
STEAM literacy can definitely bring the world to the apex of glory. So let’s commence linking curriculum to life!

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