How to Prepare For Your Child’s School Year

The new school year is around the corner! While some parents may be anxiously waiting for kids to rejoin school; others might detest the regimented days ahead. Whichever way it may be, one aspect remains constant – A new academic session always ushers major transitions!
We often hear and read about preparations for the first year of school. True! One can’t refute the big transformation involved here for parents and kids stepping out of their protected environments for the very first time. However, moving up to a new class also calls for immense adjustments and preparations.
Before you get all worked up – hold on! With a bit of planning and foresight, you can easily open doors to a school year full of fun and productive learning.
Preparation Checklist
Here is a list of ideas to transform anxiety into confidence!

1. Read with your child

Read with your child-min
This practice certainly has potential to take your child to the pinnacle. Read together for at least 20 minutes on a daily basis. This ritual will get your child into the mould of learning through reading.
Encourage your ward to explore electronic libraries to gather resource material. This sets the foundation for widened horizons and enhanced cognitive growth. Take a look at some other ways to enhance your child’s concentration.

2. Familiarize with new adjustments

Talk to your child about the upcoming new differences in school routine. These could include getting homework every day, being allowed to go to the playground or longer school hours.
This facilitates comfort and helps shed inhibitions about the unknown.

3. Encourage a healthy diet

Encourage a healthy diet-min
A well balanced and nutritious meal is cardinal to academic success. A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind. Ensure your menu includes all nutrients in the correct proportion.

4. Wake up the brain

It is a well known fact that kids tend to forget concepts learnt in the summer break. Wake up your child’s brains and tap learning in a playful manner. Get them into the learning zone! Here are 7 mind games that will help.

5. Give importance to exercise

Give importance to exercise
Research highlights the necessity of a minimum of one hour of physical activity for children in the age groups of 6 to 17 years. The benefits include higher cognitive ability, increased attention span, higher focus and concentration in class.

6. Visualise the school day

Most kids are slightly nervous before the first day of school. Talk about a perfect first day at school starting from getting up early, dressing for school, hugging and saying a goodbye to you, entering the new classroom full of new books and games, meeting a new teacher and classmates and making new friends.
Don’t forget to end with you waiting to receive him/her at the end of the school day and anxiously waiting to hear all about it!

7. Adhere to a fixed routine

Give importance to exercise-min
A well rested body means higher productivity quotient. Follow fixed bedtime routine. Sleepy kids are sluggish on the uptake and lack enthusiasm. Get your child into the habit of sleeping early and beginning the day early much prior to the commencement of the academic session.

8. Empower to Overcome Bullying

This is vital at a senior level. Safeguard your child against bullying by encouraging communication. Teach kids to fight back and report any misbehaviour fearlessly. Be vigilant as a parent to mental health warning signs.
Some physical planning, a bit of foresight and loads of love and compassion paves the way for a perfect successful school year! All the best!

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