7 mind games you must introduce your child to

Mental exercises which are used to improve the functioning of the mind and personality of an individual are termed as mind games.
Research has established that mind games contribute significantly towards the development of your child’s brain. These games function by boosting the activity of the brain and can be real learning tools for your kids.
Here are 7 mind games which will help to develop the verbal and motor skills of your child:

1. Solve riddles:

  • Riddles increase the child’s vocabulary and improve his logical thinking skills.
  • Riddles also strengthen the aptitude and reasoning of the child.
  • Riddles make children great solution seekers.
  • Riddles and puzzles such as Sudoku improve the analytical skills of children helping them solve problems.

2. Encourage the child to solve mazes:

  • Mazes are great brain sharpening games as they help children scan through the entire page to find a solution to the problem at hand.
  • Mazes also help develop the child’s motor skills.
  • These mind games also help improve the ability of problem-solving. A maze appears like a problem to the child and to get out successfully is a solution!

Chess is one the best games for child brain development

3. Playing board games:

  • Board games are excellent games for child brain development.
  • These mind games are the best ways to let your child learn teamwork. Playing a board game involves careful planning. This enhances the child’s planning abilities.
  • Time tested brain activity games such as Chess, Trade, Business, etc., help in developing analytical skills in children.
  • Board games also teach children the concept of rules and how they must be obeyed and implemented in team play.

4. Memory games:

  • Memory games involve memorizing a sequence of names or articles in a specific order. These are brain learning games with numerous advantages.
  • These games help improve children’s listening skills and strengthen the ability of a child to concentrate and focus.
  • The chief benefit of the memory games is their role in increasing the grasping power of a child. They help enhance memory and retention type while also increasing attention.

5. Card games:

  • These are incredible brain activity games that involve the use of cards and include games such as Uno.
  • These games enhance your child’s fine motor skills, social interaction and communication skills and also strengthenthe ability to make successful strategies.
  • These have proven to be great games for child brain development.

Play board games with kids- it is a great way to relax your mind!

6. Outdoor games:

  • Outdoor games can be great brain learning games. These games help improve the ability to concentrate.
  • Encourage your child to step outdoors often and play mind relaxing games such as swimming, badminton, tennis, etc.
  • Yoga is one of those fantastic mind relaxing games that help children maintain a calm state of mind.

7. Toys help build concentration:

  • It is an established fact that children learn the most at play.
  • Allow kids to play with regular toys. Numerous brain sharpening games can be played with toys.

Toys help nurture the child’s mind. These can be vital aids in brain relaxing games that help increase the circulation of blood in the brain.
To sum up, mind games enhance children’s perception and coordination, making them great multitaskers. Mind games teach children to willingly accept challenges keeping a peaceful state of mind and develop a problem-solving attitude.

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