Summer’s here, is your child ready?

It’s summer again and schools are going to remain closed for a couple of months. It’s time for children to take a nice long break from the rigours of classes and exhausting tests. It’s finally time to unwind and prepare for a brand new term. We are sure your kids are already brimming with excitement. So are we!
Why are we excited? Well, we took quite a bit of time to compile a list of fun and constructive activities that your children can spend their summer doing. We are excited to share the list here with you. Read on to help your kids have a vacation to remember!

1. Explore the city :

For a lot of us, summer vacation doubles up as travel time. If you are not sure about making time for travel this summer, take your children out to explore your city. Be it a short trip to a nature park or a long evening at the local museum, travelling is hands down the best way to spend summers.
Remember to make your itinerary a perfect blend of fun and learning. You could include a water park or resort, but don’t forget to include that trip to the bird sanctuary!

2. Read :

Reading is a severely underrated summer activity. Truth be told, it is one of the most joyous and productive activities to pursue during vacation. Take the help of websites such as to compile a wholesome summer reading list for your children.
You could also encourage your children to write their own stories or join the neighborhood book clubs. Reading for pleasure is not only fun but also a great way to explore compelling ideas and stories.

3. Sweat it out :

Is your child a diehard soccer fan? Does your daughter love tennis? Summer vacation affords your children ample time to pursue their interest in sports. If you have been toying with the idea of hiring a formal coach for your child, now’s the time to do it.
Playing sports helps shape children into focussed, competent, and ambitious adults. It offers children a new perspective to important matters of life like competition, performance, and team spirit. So, go ahead and push your children outdoors!

4. Volunteer :

Though childhood might seem too early to start volunteering for social causes, many organizations accept children as volunteers. Be it for animal welfare or for a green cause, volunteering helps your children better absorb the fundamental realities of life and shapes them into more responsible adults.
You can help your children hunt for the right workshop/ organization and assist them through the registration process. If your children are in their early teens, you can help them choose a serious cause that they care about personally. You will be surprised how much your children can learn from their brief social activity during summer.

5. Summer camps :

If you are preparing for a busy summer at work, you may not have enough time on your hands to engage your children this summer. Don’t worry. Many schools and educational institutes offer summer camps for children.
At Pioneer World School, we are excited to organize a summer camp from 17th April to 10th June, with the theme “Learn, Explore, Play.” Planned and organized by experts, these camps are packed with fun, educational activities like art, sports, theatre, foreign languages, and mind games for children.
The best part is that children of all age groups attend these camps and therefore, they present your children with an opportunity to make friends outside their class.

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