By following a Cambridge curriculum that is integrated with outcome-based learning and personalized teaching plans, we aim to bring out the best in every child. We believe in imparting holistic learning which fosters overall development in the child by including performing & visual arts, physical education, leadership in service learning, world languages and a lot more, in our regular curriculum.

Why Cambridge curriculum?

  • Encourages students to be responsive, confident, engaged, and innovative.
  • Offers flexible programs that can be customised to suit local context.
  • Assesses children on various parameters including oral, practical & written tests.
  • Encourages learning through independent research to sharpen critical thinking.
  • Recognized across the world, including prestigious universities such as Harvard. 

Every child at our school is given personal attention and is provided with a customized plan to suit his/her learning interests and abilities. We have highly experienced teachers from around the world to facilitate quality education for our kids. Our methodology encompasses a wide range of innovative teaching methods that aid in the holistic development of our students.

  • STEAM approach for the overall development of children.
  • Social emotional development fostered through experiential learning.
  • Integrated enrichment programs to help identify student’s skills.
  • Faculty and facilitators equipped with monthly professional development support.
  • Involvement of parents through open houses, interactions, and orientations.

We harness the power of learning outside of a traditional classroom setup. To achieve this, we have designed dedicated spaces for our students to explore their creative side through a range of innovative, immersive and interesting activities that constantly stimulate their mind, thus nurturing a strong love for learning new things.

  • Using the power of music to bring joy and creativity into students’ lives.
  • Lego sessions to boost creativity, fine motor skills and problem solving skills.
  • Exciting robotics session for hands-on training and logic building.
  • Art classes to bring out the inner artist in each student.